Sunday, August 02, 2009

New and Old Projects

This is Cardi, so named because his sweater was a cardigan. I had two very soft but sadly moth-eaten sweaters from J.Crew that really wanted to be made into a little doll for my nephew. He was a gift in Christmas '08. He is quite dear. These are some cloth bags made from remnants: red one was the batik shirt for Aud, middle bag was Lila's diaper bag fabric, other one was pockets from the blue & brown diaper bag.
The mei tai in use! It came on a hike earlier this year and was alternately used by Manny who found it so comfortable he fell asleep, and 4 year old Audrey who rode in a back carry for a while.
Pile of little bags to sell at the farm stand. Most have been bought already.
More bags.


Blogger Sue C said...

Hey Leanna, I LOVE your blog! All your projects are amazing - you are so gifted. I hope to sew as well as you some day!


8/02/2009 8:18 PM  

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