Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fitted diaper & doublers

I think these were made as gifts, too. The inside was really soft hemp fleece I think.

More diapers

These were made as gifts a few months ago, 3 fitted pink, 1 yellow cover, 2 terry and flannel soakers.
Big pink diaper & small pink diaper.
12 cloth wipes.

Terry and flannel doublers.

Things from the past that I sewed but didn't put up

Cover, sage PUL inside, jersey outside yellow Aplix, black FOE binding. I think this was gifted to someone.
Top is felted wool with FOE binding, bottom is same as above.
Cover: yellow PUL inside, fleece outside.
Fitted diaper, jersey outer....
Pink terry inner with terry and blue velor soaker.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

More shorts

Alexander Henry fabric. I think it's my favorite.

Saturday Shorts (or what to do with fabric scraps)

This is the view out my kitchen window. It really is that green. The little white flowers are bleeding hearts. It is so lush and pretty. But cold and rainy today.
The front of some shorts for A.
The back of the shorts.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Soon to be bags

I love this fabric. It's Alexander Henry. It will be the outside of Lila's bag.
The striped fabric will be the liner.
Sarah's bag. Gold will be the outside, red (more Alexander Henry) is inside. Hmm, must find more Alexander Henry. I didn't know I loved his fabric so much.

The fabric is wrinkled because I prewashed and dried it. Do you know what that means? Yes, it's true, I now get to iron 10 yards of fabric. Don't be jealous.

Do you think there's enough?

This is my new bureau from IKEA, with most of my fabric. Top drawer (not pictured) is notions and patterns and things, next drawer is cotton fabric for clothes, corduroy, some flannel. Bottom drawer is bag fabric (heavier material) which is currently hidden under the diaper fabric: more flannel, terry, hemp jersey, more jersey, some PUL. The fleece is in the closet with a bag full of random fabric that is on its way out the door.


I'm back sewing! These are Amy Butler Nappy Bags. The Blue and Brown one is for Krista, if I can manage to mail it (I really love it) and the other one is mine. There are 2 more in progress for Lila and Sarah.
They are a nice big bag, and work for groceries and running errands, too. Mine has pockets that go all the way to the bottom, which I realized is sort of annoying if there is a lot of stuff in the bag, so for K's and future bags, I made the pockets shorter, and added a small pocket for a cell phone. Future bags will I think have a little hook for keys, maybe.

Tiny Diaper

I made this diaper out of the Very Baby pattern, small size. But it was so tiny, so I gave it to Audrey for her doll.